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We’re so happy you stopped by. This change has been a year long decision and honestly it was a hard one! We didn’t know if merging was the best choice, but after talking to our mentors and praying about it, we decided to move forward. Here’s how it happened in our words:

“When I first started photography in 2009, Casey was my second shooter. We loved shooting weddings together, but when Casey started his videography business in 2011 he started booking his own weddings. Last year, we only worked together 10 out of the 45 weddings that we had. We quickly realized that we didn’t like being apart on those wedding weekends. Casey has another full time job, so he would work all week and then be gone on the weekends. This made for a very sad Kristin (quality time is my #1 love language y’all!).

Not only that but our couples would ask us “why aren’t you together in business?” or “Y’all should really think about joining forces”. Well, we have heard your request! What better than a husband and wife photography/videography team?!”

“We missed each other, our clients asked for it, we felt led to do it…so we did it!”


Why the name “Casey and Kristin”? Well, that’s who we are! We’ve learned over the years that having a business name that doesn’t include your first name can be quite confusing! People would call Casey “Keaton” and Zack “Nicholas”…nobody could remember their name! And KLP was great, but nobody could remember what KLP’s first name was! 🙂 This name is much easier, and it’s true to who we are…literally!

What happened to “Nicholas and Keaton”? Well, Nicholas is Casey if you haven’t figured that out yet. Zack (Keaton) left the business in the Spring of 2014. He loved his full time job as an accountant, and missed having weekends available. Plus, he’s a little busy planning his own wedding! He still enjoys filming, and you might see him working with us every now and then!

Is there still a “KLP Photography”? Yes! Kristin will still be photographing, she will just be operating under our new name! With that being said, videography will be our main focus. Kristin will only be booking a small number of weddings each year. This way she an focus on our adoption and stay at home with our child when that time comes. 🙂

We are thrilled to begin this journey together, and hope you join along! Our blog will be a place where we feature our films and photographs. We will also be giving marriage tips and business advice so be sure to tune in!


  • May 20, 2015 - 4:03 am

    Starr Haigler - I’m so over the top excited for you guys! I can remember the Christmas that you both told us that you (Kristin) were leaving your full time job for photography. WOW! Look how far God has brought you both!! I’m so amazed at your creativity and talent and I’m so very appreciative for all that you’ve taught me the last several years – oh, and for your hand-me-down equipment too 🙂 Looking forward to the amazing journey ahead and how Sweet P has no earthly idea what an incredible family she is about to be part of!! Love you!ReplyCancel

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