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We’re Casey and Kristin, a hubby and wife videography and photography team based in Knoxville, Tennessee and traveling worldwide. Our vision for this business is to create memories for future generations while also enriching those we reach by demonstrating the best we know how to LIVE WITH LOVE. Our passion (besides our adoption) is marriage. Most of our couples become friends and WE love that. Not only do we want to film your wedding, but we also want to stay in touch and follow your marriage journey. 




Casey + Kristin January 2015-0401


What Kristin says about Casey:

“He loves Cracker Barrel. He’s hilarious. He loves to whistle. He’s never met a stranger. He loves Jesus. He thinks he was meant to be a race car driver. He loves his Tennessee Titans. He’s an amazing husband (and soon-to-be dad). He snores. He will drink unsweet tea out of the jug. He has the biggest heart for others. He is my laugh. He is my rock. He always puts me before himself.”
Casey + Kristin January 2015-0405


What Casey says about Kristin:

“She’s an animal lover. Jimmy John’s is her favorite. Next to sushi of course. She’s the most caring person I know. An amazing mother. Jesus is her first love. Tennessee football is a close second. She’s obsessed with Bob Goff.  Heights don’t scare her. The power going out does. She puts Siracha on pretty much everything. She’s an old soul. Her love for others inspires me everyday. I still can’t believe she picked me.”




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We come from a small town, and our families have known each other all of our lives. We dated three months in high school, but Casey was a little too wild for me. He went off to college in Nashville, and it wasn’t until years later that we reconnected on Myspace (who remembers that?)! Casey came to his senses and was moving back home for a “job” within months. 😉 Not long after in 2009, we got married at the church I grew up in. It was small, not fancy, and perfect. We wouldn’t change a thing… other than not having a videographer. That’s our one and only wedding day regret.

We live with our two beagle/terriers Pat and Pearl (10 points if you can guess where those names come from) near Knoxville, TN. We’re parents to a gorgeous little girl! When we aren’t filming, you can find us either at a concert (we love live music), eating sushi, or just relaxing on our couch watching Big Brother and/or The Walking Dead.